Ahoy mighty sailor!

Whether on the high seas or in the harbour – do you know the light and sound signals and the right of way rules? SeaProof prepares you for tests and actual seafaring.

We created a big selection of themed games for you: different vessels, basic and advances sound signals, with all the important right of way rules, critical scenarios for maneuvers and the NATO alphabet.

Check out what you can experience inside the app:

Vessel lights

Learn the basic rules and sharpen your instincts, so that you quickly make the right decisions out at sea.

Sound signals

With a multitude of possible combinations, you're sure to get enough practice.

Right of way rules

Recognize objects and the direction they are moving, and quickly decide on way rules in all kinds of situations.


Exercise the correct steps for your maneuvers in the harbour and on the see


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie,.. - Do you know the NATO Alphabet? Say the words loud and clear.


Do you recognise the light patterns at night or bad weather conditions? What are the light signals for cardinal buoys?


Who has to mob the deck? Play a quick quiz with your friends to find out.

New games will follow

The lessons and examples are based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREG).

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